vendredi 10 septembre 2010

Exclusive Walk: Luxurious Havaianas

[For those of you who - despite September's arrivée - just cannot let go of the Summer, this article is for you.]

I bet you are familiar with the famous flip-flop Brazilian brand Havaianas. Well, the casual brand just decided to turn the casual and beach appropriate footwear in a collection of exclusive jewelry.

In a distant land, in the north of an unknown Brazil, hiddes a magic place, filled with treasures. Between threads, needles and thimbles, is born an exclusive edition of the famous Havaianas, decorated with unique Swarovski crystals and adornments in gold. 
The point of this collection exceeded both aesthetic and glamorous precedents of an indutry that has reached a unique level in Summer footwear. However, in the roots of this production, it's immanent a social project that creates jobs and improves inhabitantes' living conditions of the forgotten little village that is Alagoa Nova.
This special collector's edition was created by Letícia Branco Linton, jeweler and designer of LVL Jewels, in São Paulo, and it's completely handmade by 65 gifted women. Each pair takes one hour to be sewn to the ornaments.
The result is an elegant and luxurious - and yet casual - alternative, for women who enjoy being fashionable, even in their leisure times. And even after used, the shine of these Havaianas does not die in a corner of your closet. The new flip-flops have an infinite use, throw an extra thread that allows you to place the ornaments and transform its slats in necklaces or bracelets

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  1. These are perfect for my trip to San Salvador! Very Brazilian indeed.